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In traditional open spinal surgery the surgeon can see directly but the procedure can cause larger scars, longer recovery time and postoperative pain for the patient. In minimally invasive surgery the patient experiences much less trauma but more intraoperative X-rays are required. TINAVI's TiRobot® was designed to be used in both open and minimally invasive spinal surgeries. It reduces the amount of intraoperative X-rays by up to 90% but maintains high precision, with a margin of error of less than 0.8 mm.



•  Less exposure to radiation 

•  Reduce operating time 

•  Improve safety of surgical pr ocedures

•  Increase the surgeon's field of vision

•  Fast learning curve  

•  Pre-operative planning 

•  Outside medical experts can supervise complex surgeries remotely

•  Easy to use 

•  Real-time guidance and automatic movement tracking

•  Highly precise and accurate

•  Simplified surgical procedure 

•  Can be used in a wide range of clinical indications