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  • What is TiRobot®?

    TiRobot® is an orthopedic surgical guidance system designed and developed by TINAVI. It assists surgeons to perform highly complex trauma and spinal surgeries as well as simple procedures with optimal precision and accuracy. It is designed to be used in both traditional (open) and minimally invasive surgeries.

  • How does TiRobot® work?

    Prior to performing any surgery with TiRobot®, the surgeon will use TiRobot®’s planning software to plan the surgery based on the patient’sfluoroscopy (X-ray) images or CT-scan. During the operation, TiRobot® guides the surgeon to the preplanned location. The surgeon then make a small incision and performs the required procedures.

    To see a demonstration video, please check out our How TiRobot® Works section. 

  • Am I a candidate for minimally invasive spine surgery?

    Depending on your specific condition your surgeon may or may not recommend minimally invasive spine surgery. To achieve optimal outcomes, spine surgeons will analyze each patient individually and devise the best course of action.

  • Is TiRobot® safe?

    With its consistent accuracy, TiRobot® is clinically proven to improve the safety and outcomes of spinal surgeries. Once guided by the system to the exact location where intervention is needed, the surgeon makes the incision and performs the required procedures.

  • Is TiRobot® available where I live?
    Please see our Locate a Hospital section to see if TiRobot® is available in your area.